WMV Version (12.7MB) 12.7MB Video* of Concorde G-BOAC as she is towed from the BA engineering base at Heathrow to the Terminal 4 area for her BA001 flight to New York on 04 October 2003. Click thumbnails below for stills.

YouTube Version

WMV Version (1.65MB) 1.65MB Video* of Concorde's glowing reheat (afterburners) as she makes an evening departure from Heathrow Airport heading to New York.  I had planned to be nicely positioned for this video, but unforeseen delays meant she left as I was still en route - hence the wobble blurry video!  Sorry!

YouTube Coming Soon

G-BOAC Photographed at the tow-over point at London Heathrow - 04 October 2003.

* High-quality videos require Windows Media Player Series 9 or higher.    Download HERE for PC, or  HERE for Mac. 
All images Stephen Daniels 2003.