Ticket Wallet:


Boarding Pass:


Luggage Tags (front):


Luggage Tags (back):


Seating Plan (my seat in red & empty seat next to me):


Online Check-in:


Swizzle Stick:

Mother-of-pearl Caviar Spoon:


Crystal Glasses (all with BA Speedmarque):

Concorde Doily:



Napkin Ring:


Base of all the crockery:


Seat Instructions (front):


Seat Instructions (back):


Safety Card (click on the card to look inside):

Solid Silver Keyring:


In-flight Magazine:


The Menu:


Menu Preamble:


Brunch Menu:


Flight Certificate:


Concorde Room Info (Lounge at Heathrow):


Selected in-flight Shopping Items:

All images from Ticket Wallet to Flight Certificate Stephen Daniels 2003